Why is it the best Futsal Floor?

The requirements for a high competition Sports Floor its different from Sport to Sport



Basketball Sports Flooring requirements are different than Handball Sports Flooring, and of course Futsal has its own specific requirements characteristics



We have focused to develop the best Sports Flooring specific for Futsal, where we focused on Speed, Grip, Comfort, safety, best appearance in a portable solution with a lot of benefits to the operational part outside the game it self



By using the best materials and system we created the best portable wood Futsal floor in the world



Futsal is probably the fastest indoor team Sport in the world, where the ball is played 90% on the floor



Surface – Due to constant changes of direction, and constant contact of the ball with the floor we created a perfect finish of the surface that assures the ball moves fast and the players have the perfect grip to be able to make their fast and hard changes of direction



Elastic System – Due to the speed of the game itself and the strong changes of movement biomechanical speaking Futsal is one of the most demanding Sports in the world. Our floor is used by the best Futsal players in the world and our concern is to protect their physical condition and to help them to prevent injuries. Our elastic System allows a vertical and lateral movement that provide a wonderful sensation of comfort while playing, and that prevents joints pains in the end of a training or a game being the best system



Portable – The easiest, the fastest and the best portable patented system for Portable Sports Flooring in the world. This feature allows you to set up the around 1000m2 in about 3 to 4 hours and to uninstall it even faster. This feature allows you to use a floor with your specific and desired colour or appearance to use in every game you with a easy, fast and low cost logistic costs



Best Futsal Floor, just for those who want the best in Futsal Flooring